Insurance: a prime candidate for BPO?

Insurance: a prime candidate for BPO?

July 5, 2023

Growth is coming to the world of outsourced insurance functions. In fact, between 2023
and 2028, the insurance BPO services industry is expected to grow at a compound
annual growth rate of 5.4%. And that’s great news for an industry that benefited hugely
from the digital transformation brought about during the pandemic.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many industries have shifted to an exclusively digital way
of working, and insurance is no different. With technology developments in underwriting
through to the claims process, there are still some areas of insurance that are best done
with a human-first approach.

The human touch in insurance

No matter how many functions are digitised, people remain at the heart of insurance.
That’s because it’s an industry that needs empathy, understanding, and nuance that
even the best artificial intelligence hasn’t mastered yet. But the skills shortage is having
an impact on every industry, so a digital approach might be the most reliable way of
keeping your insurance business working. One way of embracing ongoing global
digitisation is handling some insurance functions remotely.

Outsourcing means that insurance companies can skip the skills shortage by tapping
into a market powered by skilled professionals, many of whom are available on call,
keeping your business moving 24/7.

One of the many outsourcing services and solutions Indigo 21 offers is in the insurance
sector. Before we dive into what that means, let’s take a look at what else is changing in
the world of insurance and how it may impact people working in the industry.

The “as-a-Service” model

Many industries have embraced the “as-a-Service” model, and Insurance-as-a-Service,
or InsurTech, is transforming digital business in the insurance sector. After a crash in
2021, SaaS is facing something of a rebirth. Insurers take note: any part of your offering
can be transformed into a digital solution, so the “as-a-Service” model will continue to
change and grow, and ultimately can be outsourced to remote teams.

The rise of AI in insurance

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a huge part of the future of insurance. McKinsey has
predicted the four things to shape AI most will be:

  • Data from connected devices
  • Physical robotics
  • Open-source and data ecosystems
  • Advances in cognitive technologies

If that all seems a bit far away right now, the ones to watch in our opinion are automated
underwriting services and how data can be interconnected to serve your customers
best. At this stage, AI still requires programming and even deep machine learning
begins with humans — so even in an AI setting, people are crucial.

The claims process

According to McKinsey, both simple and complex claims will continue to be managed by
humans. The complexity, nuance, and empathy required by customer service and
claims teams aren’t soft skills yet replaceable by machines. That’s a relief! However, in
future, AI programmes or other automated systems may be responsible for deciding
who gets a pay-out.

The ESG efforts

Humans continue to have the upper hand when it comes to a company’s environmental,
social, and governance (ESG) efforts. But ESG isn’t solely about carbon emissions and
planting trees. One sustainable choice could be outsourcing some of the business
processes or functions. For example, outsourcing staffing could make savings on office
space, salaries, and boost the economy in the country in which you choose to outsource
your functions.

Which insurance functions can be outsourced?

It might not surprise you to learn that you can outsource each of the functions listed
above. From service models to the claims process, to developing software and reporting
FNOL, everything can be done offshore. Whether you need a remote team to handle
incoming calls or first notification of loss functions, claims handling or software
development, Indigo 21 can connect you with the best remote outsourcing teams in the

The Philippines is a country that’s perfected the art of BPO services. The Manila Times
recently called the Philippines an “outsourcing powerhouse”, and we have to agree. The
industry employs more than 1.3 million people, highly skilled in technology and service,
and the industry is helping to improve the country’s economy and feed much-needed
cash into rural redevelopment, too.

For cost savings, space savings, and round-the-clock support, choose Indigo 21 for
your insurance outsourcing functions.


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