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Solving one of insurance’s biggest problems

Solving one of insurance’s biggest problems

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March 15, 2024

Inaccurate reporting at the FNOL stage of an insurance claim can affect the company, as well as the claimant. How can outsourcing this crucial stage benefit the entire insurance industry? Here’s how outsourcing your policyholder support function can save you time, build your reputation and maintain customer loyalty.

What is FNOL?

FNOL, or first notification of loss, is one of the first stages in making an insurance claim. This is the stage when a car insurance policyholder will report a crash, when a pet owner claims on a vet bill, or when a homeowner reports a burglary to their home insurer. The report will happen soon after the fact, so it’s critical that the details are accurate. Policyholders may be emotional, and being angry or upset can negatively impact the whole process — sometimes leading to mistakes.

Common problems in the FNOL process

Too many FNOL reports are inaccurate. Ranging from the wrong time and date to even getting the policyholder’s name wrong, mistakes in the data entry process can add up and can slow down the claims process or even invalidate the claim entirely. These errors can threaten your reputation as well as your customer loyalty.

According to, more than 60% of manually filled-in or handwritten FNOL forms will have mistakes, including illegible handwriting or details that make scans unreadable. Manual handling of data can create many problems in the FNOL process, including. And with reports that customer satisfaction with insurance companies is falling, it’s now more important than ever to create efficient, proficient and accurate customer service interactions with policyholders.

How can you avoid the common pitfalls of badly recorded data? By going to the experts, of course. Your internal claims handling teams can do with some extra support, and by teams who are available in a different time zone — meaning your support can be online 24/7 thanks to offshoring.

Remote FNOL teams: the benefits

We’ve blogged about insurance being the next major industry to benefit from BPO services, and that stance hasn’t changed. Indigo 21 has been based in London and the Philippines for more than 20 years, and for good reasons. With a reputation for having a strong work ethic and a customer-focused mindset, remote customer service and customer support teams in the Philippines are ideally placed to process FNOL claims.

  • Fast and accurate: skilled in data entry and boosted with AI
  • Calm and empathetic: the Philippines’ customer service is often praised
  • Multilingual: with more than 100 languages spoken, the Philippines is full of people who speak your customer’s language
  • IT professionals: in 2020, Statista data showed that more than 47,000 Filipinos graduated with a degree in IT, which means your customer support team knows exactly how to be of service

Human and AI skills in insurance

With rapidly advancing technology, it’s not only the customer support teams of tomorrow that will benefit from human skills being boosted by AI. Many contact centres already benefit from additional AI assistance, including chatbots and some types of RPA, or robotic process automation, which can handle repetitive digital tasks with ease.

These assistance models can help contact centre staff to remain the calm and human voice on the end of the telephone, ready to help your insurance customers with the first step on a claims journey. By focusing on what matters most — your policyholders and their well-being — support teams can be available and not tied down with manual data entry throughout the FNOL process.

How Indigo 21 helps insurers

It’s not only the FNOL process that needs attention in an insurance claim. Our teams are ready to handle many aspects of an insurance claim, including:

  • Policy capture and renewal
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) expertise
  • Claims monitoring

We even offer white-label underwriting and claims management software systems. Get in touch with us today to find out more about outsourcing parts of your insurance business. After all, we can help you better face the common challenges and boost your customer and policyholder satisfaction with better service.


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