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The BPO trends to watch in 2024

The BPO trends to watch in 2024

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December 8, 2023

Technology never stops, and the IT BPO industry is a fast-paced environment that needs to keep up with emerging trends. From the latest in AI developments to rapid software development, the IT BPO industry is at the cutting edge of adopting new technologies.

Here are our four major BPO trend predictions for 2024.

1. AI and automation in BPO

The speed of AI adoption is showing no signs of slowing down into 2024. Many businesses are using AI in multiple areas, including generative AI to support customer service, chatbots to pick up the pace of customer experience, and robotic process automation (RPA), to name a few. Rather than replace human efforts, we believe that AI will work alongside the human workforce and find new and collaborative ways to make the industry more efficient. All of these growing technologies will be prevalent into 2024 and beyond as more companies find ways to integrate AI into their business processes.

2. A focus on cybersecurity

Hacks and digital security breaches are getting smarter, which means cybersecurity has to keep up. It’s crucial to protect everything in your business, even down to the supply chain, from phishing and other kinds of cybersecurity risks. Data privacy is crucial for your customers because they need to trust your brand. We believe the demand for increased cybersecurity measures and software will be a top priority for many businesses this year. With more personal data than ever before, customers want to be certain that their information is kept safe and secure, whether that’s on a physical server, in the cloud, stored locally or offshore.

3. Personalisation in customer service

The days of blanket emails to all customers are growing short. The future of customer service is focused on a new and high level of personalisation that aims to increase brand loyalty and trust. According to DotDigital, this kind of “hyper-personalisation” will combine data your business knows about your customers with a renewed customer service approach that will provide a higher level of service than ever before. Whether you need email automation, distinctive messaging, unique sales offers or more, there’s a BPO customer service team ready to help. This kind of tailored experience can be achieved when you outsource, or support your existing customer service team with an on-call offshore support team.

4. A growth in software development

Between smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), there are more applications to be developed than ever before. By choosing an offshore team to develop your software in an agile environment, you can speed up development, production and deployment of your software. And even if you outsource part of your development function, your in-house team can pass the reins to the offshore team giving you a round-the-clock development ability.

Which trends are you looking out for? Let us know in the comments.


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